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A competitor named Vaibhavi admits that she adores Alia Bhatt

The most recent episode featured Amitabh Bachchan entering the platform to enthusiastic applause from the audience. After that, he proceeded to introduce all ten of the competitors. He begins with the round of Fastest Finger, and a teacher from Surat, Gujarat, makes it to the hot spot. Following the selection, she experiences some difficulty controlling her emotions, and Big B, true to form, makes a jest about returning to his regular duties of handing out tissues to the tearful female competitors. Waste paper container is a nickname that he gives to him. The first question of the evening is stated aloud by the host, and the entry fee is 1000 rupees. Which of these home appliances is the one whose blades, when rotated, are responsible for performing its function? Option B) Fan is what Vaibhavi has decided to go with. KBC Lottery Winner 2024 list will be posted on the official site next week.

She breezes through the subsequent questions and moves on to the first Padhaav, which is worth 10,000 rupees. Which one of these does not belong to the triangular family? Option C), the trapezium, is the one that Vaibhavi chooses with complete self-assurance. Amitabh Bachchan inquires about Vaibhavi’s existence and the field in which she currently works as a teacher. Big B is taken aback when the competitor reveals that she teaches mathematics, and he inquires of her as to whether or not students are truly enthusiastic about the subject. In addition to revealing the complete form of MATHS, which is “Meri Atma Tujhe Humesha Satayegi,” he refers to this topic as a “bhayankar subject.” The audience has a great time laughing at Vaibhavi after she makes Mr. Bachchan participate in a humorous exercise to learn his tables.

Big B plays a video of a popular song from a Bollywood film and then asks the audience to identify the film from which the song is taken. Additionally, Big B confesses, “Bahut favorite hai na, sabki favorite hai, and meri bhi favorite hai.” Big B announces the next question, which is worth 40,000 rupees, and Vaibhavi chooses to answer the “Audience Poll” question. Which one of these individuals has previously held the position of Chief Minister of the same state as Jyoti Basu? Option C) Sushri Mamta Banerji was the one who provided the accurate response. When Vaishnavi is trying to answer the question worth Rs 1,60,000, she gets confused and utilizes her second lifeline, which is the 50-50 chance. Where exactly in this city can you locate this palace? She picks the appropriate Response (C), which is Mysore. All India Sim Card Lucky Draw 2024 will have many interesting questions in next season.

The participant will then be asked the question in order to win Rs 3,20,000. NSIL is the designation of the commercial division of which Indian government agency? She chooses to go with Option A) DRDO, but it comes out that this choice was the incorrect one. The solution that you were looking for was in Choice D), ISRO. Vaibhavi takes the reward money of one thousand rupees and walks away. Another round of Fastest Finger First is played by Big B, and this time, Sunit Datta from West Bengal takes his place in the hot spot. Sunit currently holds the position of bank superintendent. Sunit makes use of his first remaining reprieve in order to answer his second question and win Rs 3000. Which of these names most accurately describes the type of board that would typically display the specifics of airplanes arriving at a given airport? He decides to go with Option B) Arrival after conducting a “audience poll.” Kamsa, the brother of Devaki, was the king of which of these cities?

The correct answer was Option C), Mathura. Sunit answered the next few questions without the assistance of any lifeline because he had used up all of them. He faces the question for Rs 80,000, which asks about an Iranian Satellite that was launched by Russia from the Baikonur Cosmo drome in August 2022 and was named after which Persian poet? He brings home a total of 10,000 rupees. Pallabi Sanyal from Kolkata, West Bengal makes it to the hot seat as Amitabh Bachchan plays the new round of Fastest Finger First. While answering one of the questions, Big B shared that he doesn’t like dancing and that whenever he has to sing and dance in films he gets sleepless nights. Pallabi gets stuck on the next question for Rs 3,20,000. Who among these was not the son of a Pandava? She uses ‘Phone call A Friend’ and goes with Option C) Shishupal. KBC Lottery Winner List 2024 number is 0019152084400.

She told Big B that she would use the money to visit Switzerland and London because she is a huge Shah Rukh Khan fan and likes to travel. She went on to say that both locations were featured in SRK movies, specifically DDLJ and Jabb Tahk Hay Jaan. Pallabi is getting ready to answer the question with the lowest risk for a reward of Rs 6,40,000. Who was it that India’s National Women Bioscientist Award was titled after to honor their accomplishments? The competitor makes a stab in the dark and guesses option B) Irawati Karve, but the right response was actually option D) EK Janaki Ammal. The episode comes to a close after Pallabi claims victory and brings home the prize money of Rs 3,20,000.

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