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Amitabh Bachchan shares the nickname that his classmates gave him

The subject was brought up when one of the contestants, Bhupendra Choudhary, disclosed that his fellow students had compared him to a famous Bollywood actor or actress.

The hot seat on Kaun Banega Crorepati has seen its fair share of competitors who have been both entertaining and memorable. Whether it was their amazing personalities or their charming interactions with Amitabh Bachchan, the competitors did everything in their power to make sure that the shows they appeared in were a joy for the audience to watch. Bhupendra Choudhary, one of the most recent competitors to sit in the hot seat, gave the impression that he was one of them. The charming banter that he and Big B share is featured in a new ad for an upcoming episode of the quiz reality show.

As Bhupendra made his way to the hot seat, he could not contain his grins or his excitement. The competitor disclosed, in the course of his pleasant talk with Big B, that several of his friends in college had compared him to none other than Shah Rukh Khan. The host made sure to give Bhupendra as much encouragement as possible as he burst out laughing, requesting Bhupendra to strike SRK’s signature posture with his arms held out. Bhupendra laughed heartily at the request. If you are thinking to become KBC Lucky Winner 2024 then you should prepare yourself for lucky draw.

The competitor was successful in getting Big B to give an intriguing piece of information as well. When Amitabh was asked what he was called by his classmates in the past, he responded with a funny revelation by saying that back in the day, they used to call him “camel.”

The advertisement was posted on the official Instagram account for Sony TV with the message “Bhupendra Choudhary jee, aap ki saheliyaan sahi kehti thien, ap haste huye Shahrukh Khan jese hi dikhty hen!”

It appeared as though Big B favoured Bhupendra due to the contagious optimism that he exuded throughout their interactions. In yet another advertisement, the competitor can be heard discussing the reasons why he makes an effort to have a positive attitude at all times. He also digs deeply into the love that he has for his family, particularly his kid. The competitor is also shown on the show winning a total of fifty thousand rupees.

Contestants were unable to answer this straightforward question of 12 lakhs

The game show-styled reality competition “Kaun Banega Crorepati” is one of the longest-running programmes on Sony channel’s lineup of television programmes. This reality show has a lot of ardent fans among its audience. Because of this factor, the show quickly climbs to the top of the TRP rankings after it has been broadcast. The show is currently in its 14th season, which is receiving a lot of attention these days. Up until this point, a good number of competitors have won lakhpatis. At the same time, there are competitors who, due to a single error, lose the sum that they had previously gained.

Harsh Saluja, a contestant from the Fastest Finger First category on the most recent episode of “Kaun Banega Crorepati 14,” made it to the hotseat thanks to his extensive general knowledge. He had earned 6 lakhs and 40,000 rupees, but he forfeited all of that money because he gave the incorrect response to one of the questions.

The question was posed for 12 million rupees

Using the 50-50 lifeline, Harsh Saluja was successful in winning 6 lakh 40 thousand rupees. Amitabh Bachchan, the show’s host, continues the game by challenging Harsh to answer the following question for a prize of Rs 12 lakh 50,000.

The question that needed to be answered was: On which joyous day of the Hindu calendar is World Sanskrit Day celebrated every year?

  1. Dussehra, B. Shravan Purnima, C. Gudi Padwa, and D. Makar Sankranti were the four possibilities that were presented. The answer that you are looking for is “Shravan Purnima.”

A contestant’s response was incorrect

The participants were clueless on the response to this particular question. He still had a chance thanks to the programme “Video a Friend.” He called one of his friends, and with their assistance, he was able to select alternative C, which was referred to as “Makar Sankranti.” Nevertheless, it turned out that this answer was incorrect. Choice B represented the response that was appropriate. The game was a defeat for Harsh Saluja. In addition to that, he was forced to forfeit 6 lakh and 40 thousand rupees. Despite this, Harsh was awarded a prize of Rs 3,20,000, which he took home with him.

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