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Divit Bhargava Lost Rs 6,40,000, Because “Ask The Expert” Gave Wrong Answer

When Prapti can’t decide how to divide up 80,000 points, she consults the ‘Audience Poll’ for advice. Of the options given, which one does not typically hunt in a group? The right choice was (B) the tiger. She answered the following three questions on her own before getting to the one about 3,210,000 points. Help us identify this Bengali independence soldier. Given the odds, Prapti chooses option (A) Chittaranjan Das in response to a photo inquiry. To save the money, she has Big B deposit the check in her piggy bank. For the 6,400,000th question, she consults her third backup plan, Gyanastra. Which Indian cricketer is Sanjana Ganesan’s husband? D) Jaspreet Bumrah is the one who got it right.

To answer, she selects “Entertainment,” and Big B reads aloud the question. Which martial art style does the word “panda” accompany in a film trilogy? Kung fu, as chosen by Prapti. She then proceeds to answer the following questions, at which point Big B is so pleased by her that he declares her a “wonder kid” for her ability to successfully navigate tricky situations without resorting to cheating. She accumulated a whopping fifty million puzzling occurrences. Jio KBC Lottery Winner should participate today for this lucky draw season 15.

She gets about to use her final ‘Ask the expert’ for a chance at a million dollars. Which of these illustrious scientists who won the Nobel Prize in 1930 was among those who recommended CV Raman for the award? A) Ernest Rutherford, with the assistance she receives.

Prapti is the first competitor to answer the question “Which of these monarchs was not a part of the Mughal dynasty?” correctly, earning a whopping 75,000 points in the process. The little child ponders the question for a bit, and eventually chooses Option A) Farrukhsiyar, which is the incorrect response. Amjad Ali Shah (Option D) is the right choice. As Prapti accepts Rs 3,20,000, the crowd collectively feels awful for her.

Mr. Bachchan plays another round of Fastest Finger First, and this time, Divit Bhargava from Bengaluru, Karnataka, makes it to the hot seat, where he performs a floss dance before taking his host seat. The game begins with the host on Divit; after four correct questions, he or she reaches the first ‘Padhav,’ earning 10,000 points. How many of these catastrophes can be caused by persistent downpours? Consequently, B) Floods is the option chosen by Divit. Jio Lottery Winner List 2024 has started so if you want to win big stay tuned.

Using his first and only Audience Poll, the young contender is able to gain an extra 20,000 points and win the game. What do you call this type of whale that is easily recognised by its unusual profile? He selects the humpback whale (Option D). Divit tells Big B that, being the tallest student in class and a favourite of teachers, not only do guys but even girls covet his letters because of his legible handwriting. Amitabh Bachchan mocks him because of the attention he receives from women. At this point, Divit casts Gyanastra, which translates to “lifeline,” for 80,000 points. Which of these is the only name shared by a NASA space mission and a planet in our solar system? Mercury (option B) is right. Big B asks a new question on geography, which is something that really interests Divit. To which two countries do these words belong? Option D) Korea has been chosen by Divit.

After being asked about the Spiderman movies, Big B tells Divit about his experience working with Hollywood star Tobey Maguire on the set of The Great Gatsby. When Divit compliments Mr. Bachchan on his colourful jacket, Big B promises to give it to him after the show. An aid the competitor uses to help him win is his Which of these dinosaurs has a name that translates to “thunder lizard”? He uses the last chance option to pick Brontosaurus and rack up 3,20,00 points. Jio KBC Lottery Online is a lottery check system to verify your lottery without calling kbc office.

When Divit is stumped on the answer to the 6,40,000-point question, he resorts to his last resort, “Ask the expert.” Which discipline does not have a history of husband-and-wife Nobel laureates? Mr. Srijan Pal Singh, advisor to the late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, famous educator, scientist, and author, was tonight’s expert. After some consideration, Srijan Pal chooses (D) Physics, however this turns out to be the incorrect answer. Option (B) “Peace” was the best choice.

Divit receives a salary of Rs 3,200,000. Upon concluding the presentation, Amitabh Bachchan remarks that this may be the first time he has ever seen the expert give the erroneous response. This concludes this episode.

Big B is intrigued when a candidate shows up wearing their school outfit

In the upcoming season of the game show “Kaun Banega Crorepati 14,” which will be hosted by the megastar Amitabh Bachchan, one of the contestants, Japsimran Kaur, would be a bubbly young lady from Jalandhar named Japsimran Kaur who is 14 years old.

She astonishes him with her insightful responses, as well as the fact that she appeared on the show dressed in her school uniform.

He compliments her on wearing her uniform and inquires as to the motivation behind her decision to do so. In response, she says “To begin, Sir, the fact that I am here at ‘KBC’ makes me feel as though I am about to be examined in some way. If I take this test while dressed in my school uniform, it will feel more like an examination at school.” Jio KBC Office Number for 23 season is 0019152084400.

She goes on to say that she takes great pride in the fact that she is currently dressed in her school uniform. The host compliments her response to the question.

She then goes on to explain about how much she adores her grandmother and how she plans to utilise the money she won to get her knees treated. She also mentions the amount that she won. In the next episode, we will find out whether or not she is able to do what she set out to do.