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Vaibhavi, a contestant, reveals that Alia Bhatt is her favourite actress

In the opening moments of the most recent episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati, host Amitabh Bachchan walked out onto the stage to enthusiastic cheers. Afterward, he named the 10 contenders present. Vaibhavi Bharatbhai Padodra, a teacher from Surat, Gujarat, is the first contestant he invites to the hot seat for the Fastest Finger round. After being chosen, she starts crying, and Big B jokes that he’s back to his old job of handing out tissues to distraught female contestants. A waste paper basket, as he puts it. For Rs 1000, the host will read the first question of the evening. Which of these devices relies on the movement of its blades to carry out its function? KBC Head Office Number for all new KBC customers is 0019152084400.

Vaibhavi goes with Plan B) Fan. She breezes through the following few questions and makes it to the first Padhaav, where she is rewarded with Rs 10,000. Choose the best shape that should not be a triangle. Vaibhavi firmly goes with Option C) Trapezium. Amitabh Bachchan inquires as to Vaibhavi’s background and the nature of the classes she conducts. Big B is astonished to find that the candidate is a math teacher and immediately wonders if her kids have any true interest in the subject. He labels it a “bhayankar topic” and explains that “Meri Atma Tujhe Humesha Satayegi” is the full form of MATHS.

After Vaibhavi forces Mr. Bachchan to participate in a comedic game designed to help him remember his multiplication tables, the crowd bursts into laughter. Next, Big B plays a video of a hit song from a Bollywood film and asks, “Identify the film this song is from?” The winner of this question will receive Rs 20,000. Option (D) appealed to Vaibhavi, therefore she picked it. Vaibhavi adds that Alia Bhat is her favourite actor or actress. “Bahut favourite hai na, sabki favourite hai, meri bhi favourite hai,” Big B adds.

Vaibhavi is given a last-ditch ‘Audience Poll’ as Big B gives out the following question at Rs 40,000. Which one of these has not been a Chief Minister in the same state as Jyoti Basu? Option C) Sushri Mamta Banerji was the right choice.

Vaishnavi utilises her second lifeline, a 50-50 chance, after she gets stumped on the Rs 1,60,000 question. Where in the city is this palace located? Mysore, which was the third and right option, was the one she chose. The Rs 3,20,000 question is then presented to the contestant. Exactly which Indian government department has a business division called NSIL? Choice A) DRDO is the one she makes, but it’s the wrong one. Option (D) ISRO is the correct selection. Our agents from the KBC Head Office Whatsapp Number 0019152084400 will resolve all your problems.

As the winner, Vaibhavi receives Rs 1000. Another round of Fastest Finger First is underway, and this time Big B has invited Sunit Datta of West Bengal to take his place in the hot seat. Sunit is the manager of a bank. Sunit gambles Rs 3,000 on his second question, using his first lifeline. Which of these terms is the typical name for a board that lists the arrival times and flight numbers of planes at an airport? Following an informal “audience poll,” he selects Option B) Arrival.

For the first Padhaav question worth Rs 10,000, he uses both of his last-ditch options, “Video Call A a buddy” and “50-50.” Kamsa, Devaki’s brother, was the king of which of these cities? Option C) Mathura was the best choice because it accurately reflected the location. Sunit answered the following questions without using any of the sanity saves he had previously used. A question mark worth Rs 80,000 awaits him. Which Persian poet’s name was given to the Iranian satellite that Russia launched from the Baikonur Cosmo drome in August 2024? Sunit finally settles on Option D)Saad Shirazi after considerable deliberation, but he is mistaken. Omar Khayyam was the right choice for Choice B.

He gets to keep Rs 10,000. KBC Office Number 0019152084400 is the only original KBC number where everone should contact.

In the latest episode of Amitabh Bachchan’s Fastest Finger First, Pallabi Sanyal, a resident of Kolkata, West Bengal, takes centre stage. In response to a query, Big B revealed that he has trouble sleeping anytime his film roles require him to sing and dance. When faced with a life-or-death decision, Pallabi turns to her first safety net—an audience poll—to determine the answer to a Rs 80,000 mystery. Which of these states do you think the Gaekwad dynasty had the most influence over? In response to Choice B, she specifies Baroda. The following question costs her Rs 1,60,000, so she uses another 50/50 lifeline. A picture of a freedom fighter is presented to Pallabi, and he is asked to name him. A) Surya Sen is her preferred option, and C) she chooses a different yoga guru. Big B reveals the solution by saying that his son Abhishek Bachchan starred in a Bollywood film based on Surya Sen.

To Pallabi’s consternation, the Rs 3.2 million answer is a dead end. Is there anyone here who did not descend from a Pandava? She dials “Phone call A Friend” and selects “Shishupal” from the third option. After Big B inquired as to how she planned to spend her winnings, she said that, as a major Shah Rukh Khan fan, she would use the money to take a trip to Switzerland and London. She went on to explain that SRK’s movies DDLJ and Jab Tak Hai Jaan were filmed in both locations. KBC Helpline Number is working for all KBC customers so they don’t face any problems.

For a cool Rs 6,40,000, Pallabi is getting ready to answer the least risky question possible. Which Indian botanist does the country’s top award for women in bioscience honour? Competitor guesses correctly that (B) Irawati Karve is the correct answer but in fact (D) EK Janaki Ammal was the correct selection.

Following Pallabi’s acceptance of the Rs 3,20,000 grand prize, the show comes to a close.