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Amitabh Bachchan Talking About 9 Years Old Kid

Amitabh Bachchan kicks off the most recent episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 14, which is the fourteenth season, by introducing the competitors and playing the “fastest finger round.”

Anshuman Pathak, age 9, from Bengaluru, made it to the hot seat by virtue of his victory in the FFF competition. The little youngster reveals that when he grows up, he intends to work in the field of video game development. Anshuman purchased a birthday card for Big B that contained a heartfelt message wishing him good health and a lifetime of pleasure. The game is kicked off with him by the host, Big B, who gives him a thousand points for correctly answering the first question. Which of these is most likely to include the employment of these things in the construction process? KBC made this lottery safe and secure by launching the KBC Lottery Number Check Online 2024 portal.

Anshuman chooses Option B) House after being presented with an image inquiry. While he was in Mumbai sightseeing, he went to Big B’s bungalow and waited outside for several hours in the hopes of catching a glimpse of him. However, Big B did not appear outside during any of those hours. The megastar confronts him with the question of whether or not he should have informed him that he was going to be there so that he might have met him. Anshuman asks him for his number and Big B responds “Abhi bata dungi aapko main’.

The contestant is having a conversation with Big B, who asks him what kind of superpower he would most like to have. In response, the candidate responds that he would choose the ability to teleport. When asked about the power, he responded by saying, “When the show ends and I want to go home, all I have to do is snap my fingers and I’m there.” Then, even if I forget anything at home or forget to do something, I can simply snap my fingers and it will be taken care of, even if it involves travelling to foreign nations. In light of this, Big B makes the decision to instruct the young marvel in the art of snapping. In addition to this, the presenter makes a number of futile attempts to teach Anshuman how to whistle. After everything was said and done, the competitor would declare, “I will learn it when I obtain my power.”

The following question is worth 10,000 points, and Mr. Bachchan will now read it out: Which of these do you typically eat with a fork, and which do you typically eat with chopsticks? Chopsticks is the accurate response given by Anshuman.

Big B admits that even he is not accustomed to eating noodles with chopsticks, and that every time he attempts to eat them, the noodles fall out of the chopsticks. He goes on to say that it is particularly awkward for him when he is eating out at restaurants; as a result, he employs a strategy in which he first cuts the noodles and then uses a fork or spoon to consume them. KBC Lottery Winner prize will be around 8 crore in next season.

Amitabh Bachchan picks up where he left off, and the young competitors answer the following series of questions in a correct manner one after the next. However, he is unable to move past a question worth 40,000 points. Which one of these is not a console for playing video games? He chooses to put his first chance at survival on the line. The correct response was “Option C,” which was an iPod and the winner of it. In order to get the correct response to the question worth 80,000 points, Anshuman uses his second escape hatch, which is the “Audience Poll.” What is the link between the protagonist of a book series written by J.K. Rowling and a grandchild of the latter Queen Elizabeth II in terms of their shared first name? Anshuman gives a correct response to Harry using Option D).

The young participant is next asked a question about an image, which is worth 1,600,000 points. On which of these continents do you think you would find one of these rivers? He informs Big B that he would like to make use of his third and final lifeline, which is referred to as “Ask the expert.” Option A) Nile is his response, which he arrives at with the assistance of the expert. He then moves on to solve the following question on his own, at which point he is awarded 3,20,00. Anshuman tells Big B that he would like to recite a shlok, and he takes his shoes off before doing so.

The answer to the question for 12,50,000 points is read out by Mr. Bachchan. Which of these creatures once had subspecies known as the Caspain, Bali, and Javan, but they are now extinct? Anshuman makes the decision to end his participation in the game and walks away with Rs 6,40,000. The answer is option (A), which is the Tiger. KBC Lucky Draw is the biggest lottery game show in the world.

Surabhi Tripathi, originally from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, joins Amitabh Bachchan in playing the game Fastest Finger First round for the second time. The host also participates in the competition. Surabhi divulges that her aspiration is to work in the art world when she grows up. The answer to the question worth 1000 points is presented by Big B. In which of these fields is it most probable that you will require a geometry box in order to participate in the class?

The solution, according to Surabhi, is D) Mathematics. She breezes through the following few questions and arrives at the one that’s worth 10,000 points in a short amount of time. Which author is responsible for writing the book series The Faraway Tree, The Famous Five, and The Secret Seven? Surabhi is unsure of the answer, so she consults the audience poll for guidance and decides to go with option A), which is Enid Blyton.